Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Colaboration with Web 2.0 Tools

In my Emerging Technologies class last Tuesday, we worked with a couple different Google Web 2.0 tools. Google Docs and Google Groups. I really like Google Docs but I was less than impressed with Google Groups.

Google Docs is very interactive in that it allows multiple people to access it and edit it at the same time. I think this is a tool that I will be able to continue to use. I recently introduced my daughter to Google Docs as well. She is always after me to copy her files from one computer to another. I showed her how always have access to her stuff by using Google Docs.

I found it interesting that Patricia Kloeckner had such favorable comments about using Google Groups. She was one of two who were unable to physically attend the class. Collaborative tools such as Google Groups are designed to be used to work together when physically apart. I think perhaps I found it harder because I expected more in the way of communication with my group mates. Since I was able to communicate physically, I found the online tool too limiting. I attended class using Second Life once when I was out of town and found it to be an invigorating experience because that was the only way I could communicate with everyone.

I really appreciated the planning and effort that the team put into planning the presentation on Web 2.0 tools. As they explained at the end of the presentation, there are so many different tools available that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to learn it all and figure out what is effective to use.


Sarah Dukes said...

Hey Steve, I agreed with you. The group did a great job as I noted in my blog as well. You're right though, it was tough to use Google Groups as a collaboration tool in the manner that we used it. I did enjoy working in Google Docs as well and it would be safe to say I think I am going to be an avid user after this semester. By the way, I was in Moline on Friday and talked with some folks that are "owners" of MindShare and from the sounds of it there will be even bigger and better tools for collaboration in the near future. Whether it's a beefed up version of MindShare or something new - it's definately a business need! Talk to you soon, Sarah

Ms. Diva Poche' said...
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Ms. Diva Poche' said...

I would have to totally agree with you in reference to google groups. It was extremely difficult to communicate there. We did have a problem with the settings and I was unable to invite people to the group and we were also under time constraints. Maybe, If there were an instant messenger setting and we could communicate that way things would have went smoothly.
I also appreciate the planning and effort the team put into the presentation. I can tell they worked really hard. You all did a good job.

Julia Koreshkova said...

I felt the same: Ifelt more comfortable with Google Docs. Probably I just need time to get used to Google Groups. You also mentioned Second Life. That experience of the online class in SL was great, too! It's nice that we have the great chance to try different web 2.0 tools, so that later we can choose what is closer to our liking and goals.

Regine said...

It's nice to know we were all frustrated and had the same issues, but it's also nice to know that we were all patient enough to get through all the difficulties and technical issues.

But we all agree that the group members did a great job.