Thursday, November 29, 2007

My First YouTube Video

I just finished uploading my first video to YouTube. It's called "I Love My GPS." As the title suggests this video is about using a GPS.
  1. What it is and can be used for? GPS technology has become widely available and can be used to get directions, find out where you are, or where someone else is. People use GPS devices for driving, hiking, farming, games, and a host of other applications.
  2. Who is your audience (Students/Employees)? I designed this video for a general audience.
  3. What is the goal and objective of the video? My intention is to introduce the technology, to show that it can be very useful and hopefully, to make it somewhat humorous.
I hope you have fun watching it.


Sarah Levendusky said...

funny funny Steve
I was glad to see you were not taping and driving at the same time.

Dr. Z said...

Great video.

I must admit that I have some question about the filming because your credits only credited you. Either you slighted your cohort or you are much more talented than I thought.


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